thanks for being part of our family and give us opportunity to capture your special day, and take care of us. It was totally lovely and amazing experience for us, and we are finally finish with our editing work. Also thank you for your patience, we give our best to edit your amazing story. You can find the link for download of your files below, with complete guide for saving your precious memories for a times to come.
Social media Gallery
Here is the link with complete down-scaled images, that you can share also with your family and guests and allow them to download photos for the social networks. For the print options we recommend you to share them a google drive link, or you can send them personal images by your own.
Guide for downloading
Your archive is ready. You have
and its
If you use a google drive, use this method.
The files are sorted in Google Drive Server, and they are sorted from the first image that we took, till the last one. Files have unique names and numbers.
Make sure that you have enough space on your hard drive, where you will download files,
(usually it takes more than 100gb for download and unpack the archives)
Sign In in your google drive, than check folders shared with me. You can also download google application from the server and install it on your pc, or mac. After you install it, sign in to your account - (trough the install app with your username and password on your pc or mac - not in the browser (chrome, safari) and find the folder shared with me. Accept the invitations, and your files will sync automatically in your drive or you can download them manually in the other method.
If you don't have a google drive than use this method.
Scroll trough the files on the Google drive, several times till you sure your last Nr is showing. After you see it, you can finally start to download your files by clicking on the download all in the top right angle of your screen. This process is important to follow because you want to be sure, that all files is in the zip archive, so check twice before you click on download button. If you don't scroll till the vary end of archive and load all of our images, the google drive will zip only the part of the files that is loaded. So refresh page for 2,3 times, to see all the files, check numbers of files
( by clicking in the right top icons for a list view - switch from grid view of files), and the images should be sorted by numbers continuously.
After you check for a couple of times... than you can start to click on download button.
After you finish, make sure you save your images on some external backup drive, that you will not use it, this is just in case, that your primary drive is broken, so please take care for your memories.
Here is the top and our FAV. pix of your special day. It's publish on our website so you can share your story or you can enjoy them and access them whenever you like on any devices. So hit the Like, Share, Subscribe and leave us a comment and impressions ;) Thanks
WEDDING INTERVIEW / Whats your story !
We would love to share your interview on our blog. Answer some of the questions that you find interesting for your story, and we will publish it on our blog. Also you can help some other couples in planing process with your advices and answers. Thank you so much, we really appreciate it.
Amazing and Luxury solution for keep your memories safe!
Photo Book is formed for 40 pages. The standard formats of photo book is 30 x 30 cm, that can have approximately 100-150 photos. You will receive a custom design of Photo Book online, so you can give us feedback before we do the printing process.
If you didn't purchase our collection 3 package, you can purchase photo book additionally.
Prices for luxury custom made books are:
30x30 cm / 40 pages = 200 eur
20x20 cm / 40 pages = 150 eur
Parents photo book
All photographs are ready for print. You can select files from the folder that you download from google drive / in full resolution, and you can copy images that you want to print on USB. When you reach to printing studio, we sugest you to select MATE / Lustre paper (It have grate texture and it wont show fingerprint on it) and choose the image dimension. Standard size for wedding photos is 13x18cm. You can tell the people from studio, that the images are already edited, so they can turn off auto correction on the printer. You will get as the result exact color correction that we work so hard on it to get the best results.
FORMAT : 13X18
We recommend the photo lab. - that use:
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