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Tamara + Sergij / Wedding photography in Porec (Croatia)

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When Tamara (the Bride) give us a call to do a wedding photography for her and Sergijs (The Groom) special day, we were so exited because we love to travel, especially when we had a destination wedding by the sea. After 6:30 hr of driving, we finally arrived in Poreč – beautiful small town on the western Adriatic coast of Croatia.

T&S  have incredible energy and they are really kind and fun young people,  in other words we had amazing time and we like them vary much. After we took some getting ready shots, we were with bride, groom and they best friends taking some cool shoots of them having fun. After a short session, we were in amazing place called STANCIJA SPIN. They organized bars  and tastings of cheese, olives, wine, and some specialties from the local cuisine, with the sound of acoustic guitars. When all the guests arrived and have some toast from best man, it was time for the church ceremony in st. Maria church in Kras.

The Ceremony was so beautiful and emotional, everyone was laugh and cry, and they release the tons of balloons in front of the church after the ceremony. Right after that, we were on the road again, to golf Adriatic resort, were the party was took the place.  Everyone’s was having a great time in other word they blow the roof off the place. It was one of the craziest party that we ever photograph and if you don’t believe us just check the images 😉  We only know that we finish the shoot in 3 am, and that we were sleep till 3 pm next day.

Thank guys one more time for choosing us and we wish you all the best of luck and love on your journey.

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